Bosnia-born Damir Ljubicic helped build the James Webb Space Telescope

NEWS 27.12.2021 12:36
Source: N1

NASA's premier space observatory of the next decade, the James Webb Space Telescope, was successfully launched on Christmas morning and among those who contributed to its development was the CEO of Space Composite Structures in Denmark, Damir Ljubicic, who was born in Bosnia.

In an interview with N1, Ljubicic explained that the James Webb telescope is not meant as a replacement for the Hubble telescope as the two collect different types of data.


“It will bring us an understanding of the origin of the universe, the origin of everything. In theory, we now live in an explosion, it's happening currently. The speed of light is faster than that explosion, and we look back at what happened in the very initial big bang. That is the ultimate thing that science can do,” said Ljubicic.

The first photos from the telescope are expected very soon, he said.

“Given that the Danish universities were part of a development consortium and they have priority, they expect to have the first information from James Webb in the spring,” he added.


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