Bosnia-Podrinje Canton reports first floods this year

NEWS 09.02.2021 13:52

High temperatures, melting snow and heavy rain during the past day caused an increase in water levels in the waters of the first and second category in the area of Bosansko Podrinje Canton (BPK), Fena news agency reported Tuesday adding that in certain parts of the City of Gorazde, the Canton's administrative centre, rivers overflowed their banks.

Assistant Mayor for Civil Protection and Local Communities Samira Drakovac confirmed that mechanization of road maintenance companies is on the ground in order to repair the damages caused by floods.

“We visited the entire road from Osanica, Ilovaca, Faocici, to Zorovici. When it comes to the second category watercourse, what complicated the situation was the warm weather with unusually higher temperatures and large amounts of snow that began to melt abruptly, especially from the Borovac mountain pass, so that large amounts of snow and rain contributed to the swelling of watercourses causing them to spill out of their riverbeds,” said Drakovac.

Large amounts of torrential sediments clogged the drain pipes on the road Orahovica – Brzaca – Gorazde blocking all traffic on the road.

An increase in the water level was also recorded on the river Ocka in Beric local community which will be monitored over the next few days.

The Drina River overflowed its banks in the local communities of Sadba and Zupcici, but no material damage was reported.


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