Bosnia Presidency gives agrément to German ambassador with Dodik's objection

Džaferović, Komšić i Dodik
Džaferović, Komšić i Dodik (REUTERS/Borut Zivulovic)

Bosnia's tripartite Presidency has granted the agrément to the new German ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina with Bosniak and Croat members, Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic, voting in favour and the vote of the Serb Presidency member, Milorad Dodik, against the decision.

After Dodik first rejected to discuss the matter at the extraordinary session on Friday, the vote on the German ambassador's agrément was then included into agenda of the Presidency's regular session the same day.

As he previously announced, the Serb Presidency member might use the mechanism of the vital national interest protection to veto this decision.

Commenting on the matter, Bosniak Presidency member Dzaferovic said that Dodik's decision is “unreasonable and harmfull for everyone, mostly for the entity he comes from.”

“This is another signal for the European Union that Dodik does not want dialogue but is persistently causing tensions and wants to dictate for everyone, even Germany,” he added.

According to Dzaferovic, Dodik's claims that the Presidency is not allowing the economic development of Bosnia's Serb-majority entity Republika Srpska are not true.

As for the Open Balkan initiative, Dzaferovic called on Dodik to remove the economic barriers among Bosnia's entities first.

“If he wants the economic development of Republika Srpska, he should do that first and we will be working on the regional market through the Berlin process,” he added.

Asked to comment the insults that Dodik addressed to Dzaferovic, the Bosniak Presidency member said it was Dodik who did not manage to find his way around in the Presidency.

“He entered the Presidency in arrogant way, convinced he would impose his will. Convinced he would destroy the institutions. He is leaving in a completely different mood, powerless, politically defeated and frustrated,” said Dzaferovic.

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