Bosnian Foreign Minister pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth


Bosnian Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic paid tribute Sunday on behalf of BiH to the late Queen Elizabeth II at the Palace of Westminster in London.

“On behalf of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on my own behalf, I express my deepest condolences. After the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, nothing will be the same again and the world will measure the time in terms of that before and after Queen Elizabeth II. She left a deep mark in history and will be remembered as a sovereign of great courage and dignity,” the Minister said in the Book of Condolences, which was opened at Lancaster House.

Turkovic was welcomed to Lancaster House by the Minister for Development in the Government of Great Britain Vicky Ford and the Minister of State for Europe Leo Docherty and the former Ambassador of Great Britain Matthew Rycroft. On Monday, Minister Turkovic will lead the BiH delegation at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in the presence of a large number of world statesmen and officials.

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