Bosnian pro-Russian group leader exchanges prison sentence for a fine

NEWS 24.05.202216:22 0 komentara
Srđan Letić (Facebook)

The Basic Court in Brcko allowed Srdjan Letic, a multiple convicted leader of the pro-Russian humanitarian organization "St. George Lonchari", to exchange a six-month prison sentence for a fine of 18,000 Bosnian marks.

In January 2022, Letic was sentenced to six months in prison for causing grievous bodily harm to Cvijetin Sofrenovic, and the Basic Court approved the replacement of his prison sentence with a fine, the Balkan Research Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) confirmed.

Letic, who has been convicted several times before, attended at least two rallies in Belgrade in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine after his sentence was changed.

Letic's lawyer asked the Court to approve the possibility of replacing the prison sentence of up to one year with a fine. The Basic Court in Brcko confirmed to BIRN BiH that on March 28, they approved the replacement of a six-month prison sentence with a fine of 18,000 Bosnian marks.