Bosnians across the world raise awareness about the crisis in their country


Alarmed by the current crisis back home, Bosnians living abroad have organized protests around the globe to warn the world that once more, the situation in their country could escalate into an armed conflict like the one that devastated the country three decades ago.

Since last summer, Bosnia is going through its worst political crisis since a peace agreement ended the 1992-95 war.


The dispute has paralyzed the country’s central institutions and has prompted Bosnia's Republika Srpska (RS) entity to decide to withdraw from the joint army, judiciary and tax system and form their own.

Bosnia’s diaspora organized protests in 35 cities around the world, which started on Saturday in St. Louis, Missouri, according to Satko Mujagic, one of the organizers.

The biggest protest is expected to be in Brussels on Monday, while protestors gathered on Sunday in Geneva and Paris.

“Right now we have on our list 14 countries, where protests will be held in at least one city” Mujagic told N1. The gatherings will be held over two days and some will be very small because of the pandemic.

Monday, however, is the main day.

“We are going with Brussels, London, then Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm, Rome, Copenhagen. In all of these cities, gatherings will start at noon with the anthem, except in London, where they will start at 11 and in Oslo at 6 p.m. This means we will be gathered somewhere at all times,” he said.

The last ones will be held in Ottawa, Toronto, Portland, Boston and New York.

Protestors will read a letter written by the organizers, the Platform for BH, an NGO from The Netherlands, and addressed to world leaders. The letter contains clear messages about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Protests will also be held in Sarajevo and Tuzla.

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