Bosnia's Defence Min: We are on the last step before full NATO membership

NEWS 20.06.2021 13:46

Bosnia is on the last step before becoming a full NATO member as it participates in the Membership Action Plan (MAP) and is about to send its Reform Programme for 2021 to Brussels, Defence Minister, Sifet Podzic, said at the Sunday session of the Krug 99 Association of Independent Intellectuals.

Podzic described NATO as a serious multinational organisation that is proving to be the most responsible and disciplined such alliance in the world.


“This is the last program that NATO has in its process before full membership in the NATO alliance,” Podzic said.

“We wasted the year 2019 because we failed to agree that this (Reform Programme) was the Annual National Programme,” Podzic said, explaining that the deadlock was achieved through a compromise in the BiH Presidency to rename the document the Reform Programme.

He stated that the 2020 Reform Program was adopted and sent to Brussels.

“The tasks of who should do what in BiH within a period of one year have been specified. This was reviewed and evaluated in Brussels by all allies. I know roughly what the report is like,” he said, adding that he expects the report to be presented at the beginning of July.

It will show what BiH managed to achieve from its programme throughout the past year, he explained.

“The program for 2021 has been made and I expect it to be sent to Brussels very soon. BiH's NATO path has not been interrupted. We are on the last step before admission to full membership,” he said.


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