Bosnia's RS entity President marks Sijekovac massacre anniversary

NEWS 26.03.2022 15:28

The Sijekovac massacre is the first mass war crime on the territory of BiH and an undoubted act of aggression in which regular units of another state took part, Zeljka Cvijanovic, the President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity said at the 30th anniversary of the crime against Serbs in Sijekovac.

“Exactly three decades have passed since the horrific crimes in this peaceful Posavina village. A crime against peace, a crime against neighbours, locals and innocent civilians, for whom the Serb name and surname were the only guilt, and the verdict,” Cvijanovic noted.

The RS President also addressed the citizens of Sijekovac.

“You in Sijekovac know this best and you don't need to explain, because you know what you went through. Many challenges are yet to come, but I am convinced that together we will overcome them. We will preserve peace and stability, but equally and decisively our institutions and competencies and the right to be on our own,” Cvijanovic pointed out.

Nine Serb civilians were killed in Sijekovac on this day, by members of the Croatian Defence Force (HOS) a Croatian paramilitary formed right after the beginning of the wr in Croatia in 1991, of whom the youngest victim was 17 and the oldest 72. In 1992, 46 Serb civilians were killed.


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