Bosnia's UN Rep responds to criticism from US Embassy over UNSC speech

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Sven Alkalaj u UN-u
Sven Alkalaj u UN-u (N1)

Bosnia’s Representative to the UN, Sven Alkalaj, said he is prepared to apologise for the speech he gave before the UN Security Council on Wednesday if US Ambassador Michael Murphy can prove that any of the statements were untrue. Pročitaj više

Speaking at the UNSC session where the situation in BiH was discussed, Alkalaj strongly criticized the High Representative of the international community in BiH, Christian Schmidt, for his decision to impose amendments to the Election Law on the very day of the election, October 2. Alkalaj said that the decision contributed to further divisions and inequality among citizens and that Schmidt deceived voters with the timing of his decision.


On Thursday, the US Embassy reacted to Alkalaj’s statements, alleging that what he said was untrue.

“The US Government's position on the action of the High Representative on October 2 is crystal clear and expressed in Ambassador Murphy's blog yesterday. The decision of the permanent representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN to use his time during yesterday's UN Security Council debate on Bosnia and Herzegovina to propagate falsehoods about the High Representative and the international community does not work in favour of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is disappointing that he prioritized narrow political interests over the state interests of his country – something that has unfortunately been the norm in BiH for too long. BiH is facing many serious challenges. It's time for its leaders to get down to business,” the US Embassy said in a statement to N1.

Alkalaj responded a few hours later.

“If anyone from the said Embassy specifically tells me what was untrue or false in my address, I am ready to publicly apologize both to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Embassy itself,” he said.

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