High Rep following UNSC session: Time for political brinkmanship is over


The High Representative of the international community in Bosnia, Christian Schmidt, welcomes the extension of the EUFOR-ALTHEA mission in the country, saying the decision reaffirms his position that the EU military mission “remains a vital factor in ensuring security and stability in BiH.”

Schmidt, who is tasked with overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Peace Agreement, stressed the importance of the presence of the EUFOR mission in BiH in his semi-annual report which he sent to the UNSC on Wednesday.


Schmidt stated that now, following the final verification of the election results by the Central Election Commission, he expects all parties in BiH to “swiftly engage in formation of authorities which will tackle key challenges, including discrimination in the electoral system in line with the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the BiH Constitutional Court as well as improving the integrity of the election process.”

Schmidt also indirectly criticized Bosnia’s Representative at the UN, Sven Alkalaj, over statements he made at the UNSC session.

“The election campaign is over. Time for political brinkmanship – which we have regrettably seen also before the UNSC – is over. Now is the time to do the actual work expected by BiH citizens – fulfil conditions for EU integration, bolster economic development, mitigate inflation and stop the outflow of young people,” Schmidt said.

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