Case of 2018 murder of Sarajevo police officers transferred to state police

NEWS 17.11.2021 13:06

Bosnia’s state police took over the high-profile case of the 2018 murder of two police officers, Sarajevo Canton’s Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday.

Police officers Adis Sehovic and Davor Vujinovic were killed on October 26, 2018, in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Alipasino Polje.
Sehovic passed away immediately, while Vujinovic was seriously wounded and later succumbed to his injuries.


The officers were shot after they found a group of criminals stealing a car.

The Sarajevo Prosecutor’s Office said although the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) has been taking action in the case since the beginning, it was now officially transferred to SIPA “to continue further investigative activities in order to identify accomplices and collect evidence.”

The Sarajevo Canton Court ordered Aleksandar Macan, suspected of killing police officers, into custody.


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