Coronavirus: Croatia reports 2,234 new cases, 65 deaths

NEWS 19.11.2021 13:38
Source: Ilustracija

In the past 24 hours Croatia has registered 65 Covid-19-related deaths and 2,234 new infections, the national Covid-19 response team said on Friday.

The number of new infections is lower as is the number of tests conducted – 5,626, considering that Thursday was a public holiday.

A total of 2,539 Covid patients are hospitalised and 327 of them are on ventilators.

There are currently 34,973 active cases of the infection and 24,381 people are in self-isolation.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in February 2020, there have been a total of 560,504 registered cases of the contagion and 10,178 people have died.

A total of 515,353 people have recovered, including 6,230 in the past 24 hours.

To date, 51.73% of the population, that is, 61.79% of the adult population, has received at least one vaccine dose. 55.67% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.


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