Covic threatens territorial reorganization after BiH elections announced

NEWS 04.05.202212:42 0 komentara
Dragan Čović (N1)

Dragan Covic, the leader of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and the Croat National Assembly wrote to international community representatives in Bosnia Wednesday, following the announcement of the date of the general elections, saying the HNS is now forced to initiate a territorial reorganization of BiH based on the federalisation of the country.

In his letter, he called the Central Election Commission’s decision to call general elections on October 2, a threat to the peace and stability of BiH.

“We consider this move not only contrary to the rule of law but also a direct threat to peace and political stability in BiH and contrary to the Washington Agreement signed on March 18, 1994, which guarantees Croats and Bosniaks equal and sovereign rights in the Federation of BiH (entity) as a signatory to the Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina of 14 December 1995,” Covic claimed.

“Given the continuation of the process of abolishing parity rights, equality and constitutivity of the Croat people, the Croat National Assembly will implement all conclusions from the extraordinary session of the HNS in BiH held on February 19, 2022, and initiate all legal procedures and political steps for a new institutional and territorial organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the principles of federalism and consociational democracy, which will ensure full constitutional equality of the Croat constituent people in BiH,” Dragan Covic said, among other things, in a letter to numerous EU, US and international officials.