Croat Presidency member disputes High Representative's decision on Election Law

NEWS 11.10.2022 14:22
F.Z./ N1

Zeljko Komsic, the outgoing Croat member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, said it was “particularly concerning” that recent decisions by international peace administrator Christian Schmidt violate the rulings of the Constitutional Court, thus the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and announcing complaints before the Constitutional Court and the Central Election Commission.

“With his imposed decisions, on the evening after the vote of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the High Representative made a direct attack on the integrity of the election process by deceiving the voters, who would have voted differently had they known about the new election rules, as well as all political parties and other election participants, who would certainly offer different electoral lists, adapted to these new rules,” Komsic said.

According to him, the High Representative also directly attacked the democracy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and deceived all voters in their intention to elect their representatives in the legislative bodies, especially those in the houses of people who are elected directly through cantonal assemblies.

“With his decision to use two different lists, one for the formation of the legislative authority and the other list for the formation of the executive authorities in the Bosnian Federation entity, the High Representative set an unseen and unrecalled precedent and brought all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a state of legal insecurities,” underlined Komsic, who, according to preliminary and still unofficial results, has been reelected in the Presidency.

Komsic announced a request for the assessment of constitutionality of the High Representative's decision before the Constitutional Court as well as sending a corresponding letter to the Central Election Commission asking that the said decision is not implemented.

After he introduced technical changes to Bosnia's electoral legislation, High Representative imposed major changes to the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation's Constitution on the election night, hours after the polling stations closed in the country.


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