Democratic Front seeks a vote to dismiss newly elected FBiH President


The Democratic Front (DF) party’s Caucus in the House of Representatives of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity parliament submitted a request to include an item on the next session agenda for the dismissal of the FBiH President Lidija Bradara due to her “public glorification of convicted war criminals such as Dario Kordic," Mahir Mesalic, the DF Caucus Chair, tweeted.

 “On March 10, 2023, the current President of the FBiH entity said the following, very controversial and unacceptable views regarding the personality of the convicted war criminal Dario Kordic and his participation in the adjudged joint criminal enterprise and the commission of serious crimes: ‘In any case, you cannot give up the friends you make throughout your life. It is difficult to have one truth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that hall sat potential convicts for war crimes or committed war crimes, but it is not known. A convict who has served his sentence probably ceases to be a war crime convict’,” the request states.

It is further stated that with such statements, Bradara directly violated the oath by which she undertook to respect the FBiH Constitution and the rule of law.

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