Dodik and Covic agree on cooperation in future BiH government


Bosnia's Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) leader Dragan Covic and Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) leader Milorad Dodik held a meeting in Mostar Saturday where they reaffirmed their cooperation and commitment to jointly form the government at the state level.

After the meeting, Covic expressed his satisfaction with the SNSD delegation’s visit concluding that they had the opportunity to jointly observe the current political situation.

“We agreed on certain activities to strengthen our partnership. I informed Dodik about what we agreed with other parties and what was agreed when it comes to the Federation (FBiH) entity. We agreed to confirm our partnership at the constituent session of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I said that by the end of the year we should have an FBIH Government,” the HDZ BiH leader said.

He pointed out that discussions in the FBiH were conducted at different levels and that everyone was talked with the exception of the Democratic Front (DF). That process has been brought to an end, he stated:

“A joint program and work principles were agreed upon with the parties that were partially in power until now. It wouldn't surprise me if we present those principles to the public next week. We did not get into the division of seats. How much of this agreement we’ll be able to bring down to the levels of individual cantons – we'll see. Our goal is to have legitimate representatives at the table,” he concluded.

Dodik noted they are ready to work with those who have common politics and numbers to form the government in BiH.

“We have an agreement with the HDZ that no one bothers anyone. If Bosniaks understand it in such a way, then we have solved a lot of problems in BiH,” Dodik said.

He also added that they will continue with policies that are recognizable.

“We will demand that the Constitution of BiH be returned to the stage, that international interventionism be rejected. You can’t recall having any conflict with the HDZ. Primarily, the SNSD and HDZ already have 12 people inside with our coalition partners, the Eight (from the FBiH) has 13, and the SDA has 9. Both can be there. In any case, we will try to finish it quickly and reach an agreement,” said the leader of the SNSD and concluded:

“The SNSD will not go without the HDZ, and the HDZ will not go without the SNSD.”