Dodik announces anti-LGBT legislation in Republika Srpska entity

NEWS 24.03.202313:37 0 komentara

Milorad Dodik, the President of Bosnia's Serb-majority part Republika Srpska, told TV K3 that the entity authorities will pass a law in the upcoming months, to prohibit the access to kindergartens, schools and universities for the LGBT activists.

The statement comes only days after a group of hooligans attacked activists and journalists in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska's administrative centre, after authorities banned an event planned by BH Pride Parade association. Prior to the ban, Dodik and Banja Luka Mayor Drasko Stanivukovic expressed objection towards that event.

Commenting on the incident, Dodik said it was true that he received notes from “at least 15 various associations, which deal with tradition and education, saying that this (the event) disturbs them,” so the event was banned.

“It is the freedom of every human, I am not disputing that, that everyone does what they like, I have nothing against that, against them, unless I don't want them near me. This is where my stance on that ends,” said Dodik.

He then announced a new law that would refer to the LGBT activists.

“Republika Srpska will pass a law within next few months to ban the access for the members of LGBT associations to educational institutions. That means kindergartens, schools, universities. They won't be able to do that, to come close, to do propaganda. Why do you think we have no right to do that? We will pass that law in the next few months,” he underlined.

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