Dodik: No progress until issues of Constitutional Court and Election Law are resolved

NEWS 24.09.202314:29 0 komentara

The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said today in Mostar that all partners in the government at the BiH level are in favour of achieving progress, but that this will not be possible until the issues of the Constitutional Court of BiH and the Election Law are resolved. Dodik spoke ahead of his meeting with the coalition partners at the state level which will take place on Monday, and he used the opportunity to again insult the US ambassador and the High Representative of the international community in the country.

“The epicentre of all discussions will be the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Election Law. We will not be able to move forward until we resolve these two issues. We are all in favour of some progress, but what we have to do is to solve problems, not just those which one side has an interest in,” Dodik told reporters.

“I think we have shown through the support of the five laws we have had recently that we are serious about it. Our attitude towards the international factor in BiH is clear, but it is equally bad that part of the structure in BiH thinks that they can solve some things with interventionism”, said Dodik.

He said that the High Representative Christian Schmidt should leave and that he is not a relevant factor, and that the US no longer has the power to solve things through phone calls. He called the American ambassador Michael Murphy a liar and blamed him for the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I will propose a declaration on the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be adopted at the Parliament. There are no more high representatives, no foreign judges in the Constitutional Court,” Dodik said.