Dodik proposes peaceful dissolution of Bosnia, citing dysfunction

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Milorad Dodik, President of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, announced today in Bratunac his intention to propose a peaceful dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, arguing that the current arrangement is dysfunctional. Speaking ahead of a scheduled Republika Srpska government meeting in Srebrenica, Dodik laid a wreath at a cemetery in Bratunac and addressed the media.

“We are here to highlight historical injustices, particularly the suffering of 3,500 Serbs due to crimes committed by Muslim forces, for which no one has been held accountable. Today's UN vote on the Srebrenica Resolution seeks to impose collective guilt on Serbs by commemorating a supposed genocide in Srebrenica while ignoring Serbian victims,” Dodik stated, reiterating his denial of the Srebrenica genocide.

Dodik criticized the portrayal of the Srebrenica events, claiming, “The narrative that over 8,000 Bosniaks were killed by enraged Serbian soldiers in July 1995 is a complete lie. I sympathize with all victims, but my people’s suffering is most painful to me.”

He condemned the international and Bosnian judicial systems for what he sees as an imbalance in prosecuting war crimes, pointing to Naser Oric's alleged impunity for crimes against Serbs.

Dodik expressed his intention to initiate a proposal for the peaceful separation of Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We will urge our colleagues in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to agree on a peaceful disunion. Living with people who consider our unborn children genocidal is untenable,” he said.

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Regarding the UN Resolution, Dodik dismissed claims that it avoids attributing collective responsibility, calling it a deceitful tactic. He also proposed that Republika Srpska establish its own day to commemorate both Bosniak and Serbian victims of Srebrenica.

“We aim for a peaceful breakup in the coming years as this arrangement does not work. Republika Srpska will not exist in ten years under these conditions,” Dodik concluded, emphasizing a return to the original framework of the Dayton Agreement.

This move comes amidst a significant vote at the UN General Assembly on a resolution to designate July 11 as the International Day of Remembrance for the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, a step opposed by Dodik and the Republika Srpska government.

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