Dodik reappointed as SNSD party leader, reiterates Bosnia dissolution ideas

NEWS 30.09.202314:03 0 komentara

Milorad Dodik, the new old leader of the SNSD, the ruling party in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, announced creating a deal on a “peaceful dissolution” in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to, as he said, secure the peace in a peaceful way. Pročitaj više

Dodik was re-elected as the SNSD leader in a convention on Saturday as the only candidate for the post.

He thanked to all delegates and municipal boards for the votes that reappointed him to the post.

In an address following the vote, Dodik reiterated his ideas on dissolution of Republika Srpska entity (RS) from other part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation entity (FBiH)

“What will have to happen in the end is that the SNSD will create a deal on peaceful dissolution of the FBiH and RS in an attempt to secure the peace in a peaceful way. Only a strong RS is the one that we want. Republika Srpska is cooperating with Serbia, as well as other factors in the FBiH,” said Dodik.

“BiH was imposed on us, a forced state union, created under the pressure and maintained under the pressure,” he added.

Dodik arrived at the event in company of Milos Vucevic, the leader of the ruling party in Serbia SNS.

The event is also attended by Ivica Dacic, Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister and the SPS party leader, Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Kalabukhov, Chinese ambassador Ji Ping, as well as the ambassador of Hungary Krisztian Posa.

Dodik only candidate in election for new SNSD leader

Addressing the event prior to the vote, SNS leader Vucevic said the SNSD convention is taking place in “complex circumstances for RS, BIH and the whole region” and he called for the unity of the Serb people.

“Everything that has happened to us over the past months, years is an alarm for us to get together, not to think the same but to preserve national interest,” he said.

Dacic also briefly spoke prior to the vote, noting that the many now say that “the Serbs are a problem in BiH.”

“Nobody dares to touch RS,”Dacic underlined.