Dodik: RS Law on Immovable Property to come into effect Thursday

NEWS 13.04.202218:06 0 komentara

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Wednesday that the Law on Immovable Property of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity will enter into force on Thursday and that it is the obligation of all bodies in the RS to act accordingly. Pročitaj više

“Our ‘Official Gazette’ will publish it. It is coming into force”, said Dodik.

Dodik emphasized that this will not and cannot be stopped by any decision of an individual, especially Christian Schmidt.

“They will try to push it through the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, but ok, we expect such a thing, this is not an easy fight. I didn’t come here to have a good time, as someone from the opposition did,” Dodik told RTRS.

According to him, “the sanctions of Great Britain and Schmidt's attempt to suspend the Law on Immovable Property of the RS are in coordination with the pressure on the RS.”

“We do not accept that, it’s not the Constitution and it’s not the Dayton Agreement,” said Dodik.