Dodik tells Sputnik ‘British spec forces’ planned to ‘kidnap’ him

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British special forces were allegedly supposed to kidnap Milorad Dodik, the Bosnian Serb Presidency member because he was in their way of finally implementing their plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik told the Russian Sputnik media outlet without showing any evidence for his claims.

Speaking to the media outlet that was banned from European televisions for spreading disinformation and Russian propaganda, Dodik stated that he had allegedly received identical information from four different sources – that British special forces plan to pick him up where he lives, works or while on the move and take him to an undisclosed location.

According to him, the “British realized that it was best for them to remove him, so they decided to threaten him.”

“When you say that here with common sense, everyone would ask – is that possible? And everyone would conclude that it’s not possible. But, in our country, it is possible because it happened ten years ago – they bought our people, took them to shipping containers, for ten, fifteen days, three months, five months, harassed them, some of them went crazy from all that, and no one was held responsible,” Dodik told Sputnik in Belgrade without providing a single piece of evidence for his claims.

When asked which side he is being threatened from, Dodik answered that “they” have the ambition to remove him from the election process, but “they” saw that he won the elections again and could not believe it – the people in America and Great Britain.

“And ‘they’ thought that in the next year or two ‘they’ would finish this unfinished business in BiH, to bring ‘their’ government, to bring people to the Republika Srpska (RS) entity who would easily recognise such a government because they would be patted on the shoulder and then there would be no going back. That is why he (international Community’s High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt) wants to annul this law on immovable property? When it's gone, then ‘they’ would say that all the schools, universities, hospitals and what not were constructed before the creation of the RS was created,” Dodik falsely concluded.

The High Representative in BiH annulled the RS Law on Immovable Property, recently, stating that it violates the country’s Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement of which he is the ultimate interpreter. The said Law would allow the RS to dispose of Bosnia’s land, forests, rivers and all the resources in the territory of that entity without the consent of the State.

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