Dozens of migrants in Bosnia's northwest positive for coronavirus

NEWS 23.03.202114:11 0 komentara

Dozens of migrants in the shelters in Bosnia's northwest tested positive for the novel coronavirus and have been put in quarantine, the healthcare authorities in the Una-Sana Canton (USC) confirmed on Monday, adding that they quarantined one whole camp as a result of the virus spread.

Speaking at a session of the cantonal Covid-19 response team, USC Health Minister Nermina Cemalovic said 45 of 50 infected migrants were isolated in the ‘Borici’ camp, which has been completely locked down.

Other five infected migrants were in the ‘Miral’ camp – two are recently registered migrants and three have been relocated from the ‘Lipa’ camp.

According to the minister, any other migrant who might test positive for the coronavirus in the upcoming period will be relocated to ‘Miral’, where authorities set up conditions for quarantine and adequate treatment.

“We are forced to act this way at the moment, since we don't have adequate conditions at the ‘Lipa’ camp,” she explained.

According to official data, four migrant camps in the Una-Sana Canton currently host some 2,500 migrants, while the same number of them has found shelters in abandoned houses and other facilities in this part of the country.

Only in March, 750 migrants entered the canton, the USK Interior Ministry recently confirmed.