Drina river starting to spill over in Zvornik region

NEWS 19.01.2023 13:33
Source: BN

During the night, the Drina river overflowed onto agricultural land in the local communities of Trsis and Rocevic in Zvornik, while in Karakaj water entered the basements of three houses. 

The flow of the Drina river at the Mali Zvornik Hydroelectric Power Plant was 1.990 cubic metres per second, on Thursday morning and the inflow was 2.030 cubic metres per second with a tendency to increase. 

According to BN television, the city beach in Zvornik is flooded, and authorities expect that Drina will also spill over into the weekend resort in Srednji Sepak. 

The beds of the Hoca and Sapna rivers are between 30 and 40 percent full. 

The Civil Protection Administration say they are on high alert visiting the surrounding area and continuously monitoring the situation. 

The Civil Protection reserve is on standby, as are all members of the Professional Fire and Rescue Brigade. 



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