Emmy Award in Dubrovnik: Hadzihafizbegovic and Tanovic on the red carpet

Nova BH

After the semi-final judging in the Telenovela category for the 50th International Emmy® Award, a gala dinner followed, gathering, in addition to the expert jury, many professionals from the world of television, production and the creative industry. 

Members of the jury and representatives and guests of United Media, the host of this prestigious event in Dubrovnik, walked the red carpet and enjoyed the glamorous atmosphere of the Lazareti club. 

After participating in this important semi-final process, jury members Danis Tanovic, Darko Drinovac, Stanko Herceg, Branko Ivanda, Zrinka Jankov, Natasa Buljan, Danijel Pek, Vyara Ankova, Danica Pajovic, Ivan Zivkovic and Nevio Marasovic, who will determine the nominees for this prestigious award, had the opportunity to relax and have fun together with other dignitaries. 

“Everything looks nice, I actually come to these events to meet new people, especially those whose works and films I know, so I had the opportunity here to meet them and hang out. That's the best part of the judging. I prefer judging, rather than presenting films at festivals because when you come to the festival, you mostly spend your time giving interviews and talking to journalists, you don't often have the opportunity to meet people from this business,” Danis Tanovic after the semi-final judging for the 50th. International Emmy® Award. 

Bosnian actor Emir Hadzihafizbegovic did not hide his satisfaction with the arrival at this glamorous event, telling Nova BH that “it is a privilege to be part of this event, a phenomenal organization, a lot of colleagues I haven't seen for a long time, from Zagreb, Belgrade… This is really something big, getting closer to the US Emmy Award, it's a really big deal and raises the standard of United Media.”

Nova BH

Srdjan Dragojevic, Davor Tomic, Goran Susljik and famous Bulgarian actors Alexander Sano and Yana Marinova walked the red carpet among others. The winners of the Dancing with the Stars show, Valentina Walme and Pedro Soltz, surprised the guests with their dance, who responded to the event in the company of their partners, Marko Petric and Iris Cekus, and the guests were entertained at the gala dinner by Marko Tolja and Vanda Winter. 


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