EU Commission refuses to comment on Orban's statements on Bosnia's Muslims

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European Commission spokesperson Ana Pisonero Hernandez refused to comment for N1 on the recent statement of Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, regarding Muslims in BiH, but stressed the importance of BiH reforms on its path toward EU candidate status. Pročitaj više

“I am doing my best to convince Europe’s great leaders that the Balkans may be further away from them than from Hungary, but how we manage the security of a state in which 2 million Muslims live is a key issue for their security too,” Orban recently said.


N1 asked the European Commission whether the silence of the EU means that it approves Orban's statements.

“We do not comment on comments. To move forward on its EU path, BiH needs to urgently make progress on the 14 key priorities identified by the Commission and endorsed by the Council. The EU stands firmly behind BiH territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as BiH‘s multiethnic society,” Pisonero Hernandez responded.

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