EU Delegation Head urges BiH to amend Election Law before the next elections

NEWS 29.03.2021 12:58
Source: N1

Bosnia cannot afford to enter the next election cycle with the current electoral system, the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler, stated Monday, speaking at the online conference of the “Pog Lupom” coalition dealing with free and fair elections in the country.

Speaking about the electoral reform in 2021, Sattler stated that the reform of the electoral system is also among the priorities set by the European Commission before BiH.
US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson stressed the need to eliminate the discrimination in the election process, reform the election law, and make technical and legal changes to ensure the integrity of the election.
He added that this non-election year is an opportunity for BiH to enable all citizens to be elected and that this opportunity must not be missed.
The Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia, Ambassador Kathleen Kavalec, emphasized that the current electoral system leaves too much room for mistakes, irregularities and abuses, resulting in public distrust in many elements of the electoral process.
The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Pod Lupom” consists of six civil society organizations funded by the European Union so they could improve the electoral legislation in BiH. The coalition enables the active participation of citizens in monitoring the elections.


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