EU ‘disappointed’ with failure of ministers to ensure financing of elections

NEWS 18.05.2022 16:30

European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina condemned the failure of the Bosnian state government to adopt a decision ensuring the financing of the elections that have been announced for October this year, emphasising that the elections “need to take place regularly on October 2.”

Bosnian Council of Ministers convened on Tuesday and although all Bosniak and Serb ministers voted in favour of the item allocating fund for the October elections, it was not included on the session agenda due to objection of the Croat ministers.

Croat ministers reject motion to finance Bosnia's general elections

The EU's office called the failure to ensure the financing of elections “deeply disappointing” and called for a swift decision to ensure the Central Election Commission can start the preparations for the elections.

“The Ministry of Finance needs to work constructively with the Central Electoral Commission to secure election financing. Elections need to take place regularly on 2 October, in line with the law and the Constitution. We expect all political parties to ensure they are smoothly organised,” the EU Delegation told N1.

The US Embassy condemned the Croat ministers for rejecting the agenda item, calling their decision “irresponsible and unjustified.”

Bosnia's top electoral body called the general elections for October 2.


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