EU's Sattler: No doubt elections will take place in BiH as planned on October 2

NEWS 24.05.202212:31 0 komentara

There is no doubt that elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place on October 2, as planned, and this should not be questioned, European Union's representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Johann Sattler told N1. He stressed that the EU's position on this matter is completely clear and fully harmonised with the position of all partners in BiH.

Commenting on the allegations among some political circles that he objects the decision of the Office of the High Representative in BiH regarding the financing of the October elections, Sattler said that “in these circumstances when the Central Election Commission called the elections, I don't even have to emphasise the need to secure funds for their holding.”

“There is no doubt that the elections will indeed be held as planned on October 2, and that should not be questioned. For my part, I can only call on the authorities, and above all I am talking about the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, to make all necessary decisions in the coming days due to the urgency of this issue,” said Sattler, the EU Special Representative and head of the EU Delegation to BiH.

He also recalled that the EU commissioner for enlargement Oliver Varhelyi sent a special note to the Finance Ministry last week to act on this matter.

“I think that the positions of the European Union when it comes to elections and this topic are absolutely clear. There is no reason for anyone to question the elections and I would like to emphasise that we are united in our views on this issue with all our partners, not only in the EU but also in all our member states, the United States and the Office of the High Representative,” he underlined.