Expansion of Tuzla International Airport begins

NEWS 11.03.2021 15:27
Međunarodni aerodrom Tuzla

The construction of the atrium at the Tuzla International Airport has begun. It is a new facility that will be located in the northern part of the airport complex, connected by a canopy with the main entrance-exit to the Passenger Terminal, and will serve the needs of passengers in departure and arrival, the Airport said Thursday.

“Considering that all administrative procedures have been completed, in order to achieve even more significant relief of the passenger terminal, the construction of the atrium has finally begun. The total contracted value of construction works is 1,678,941 Bosnian marks (some €800,000). The tender procedure for the construction has been completed, and contractors have been selected for certain types of works,” the Tuzla International Airport said.

The atrium will cover an area of 604.84 square meters and it will house all car rental agencies, souvenir shops, travel agencies and accompanying prefabricated buildings that are currently located within the passenger terminal.
The construction deadline is 16 months.


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