FBiH Constitutional Court judges finally appointed


The appointment of judges of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity Constitutional Court was made Wednesday at an extraordinary session of the House of Peoples where 33 delegates voted in favor, six abstentions and six were against their appointment. 

The FBiH President, Marinko Cavara made this decision with the consent of two FBiH Vice Presidents.

“I formally came out and proposed these judges. The most important thing is to do whatever protects the constitutional order and to have the Constitutional Court of FBiH and the Council for the Vital National Interest filled. Ajsa Softic, Mirko Milicevic and Branimir Orasanin are responsible and know how to deal with pressure. And based on everything that has been said, we need to confirm this decision and my proposal,” said Cavara. 

After the debate in the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament, the delegates nevertheless confirmed the proposal of the FBiH President and appointed judges of the FBiH Constitutional Court.