FBiH entity Vice President accuses Palmer, Eichhorst of siding with HDZ BiH

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Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity Vice President Milan Dunovic accused on Thursday US’ Matthew Palmer and EU’s Angelina Eichhorst of siding with the Croat Democratic Union’s (HDZ BiH) demands during Wednesday’s talks on the BiH Election Law reform, adding that there was no progress in sight on the matter.

“They’ve even verbalized it at the meeting, saying that something was added to the agenda that needed to be talked about, at the request of the HDZ BiH. One of those things was, as the HDZ BiH representatives said at the meeting, that they believe the verdict on Bozo Ljubic's appeal has not been implemented and that the FBiH Constitution should be amended. They claim that the FBiH Constitution is not in accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dunovic, who is a left-oriented Democratic Front (DF) member, emphasized.

The US Envoy for the BiH Election Law reform Matthew Palmer and Managing Director at European External Action Service Angelina Eichhorst arrived in Bosnia several days ago to discuss Bosnia’s Election Law reform which was stuck for a while. During the talks, many proposals were discussed to implement various national and international court verdicts stipulating violations against human rights and forms of discrimination observed in the very law as well as the country’s Constitution.

One of such verdicts refers to the Bozo Ljubic’s appeal when the FBiH Constitutional Court said that delegates to the House of Peoples of the Federation of BiH shall be elected by the Cantonal Assemblies from among their representatives in proportion to the ethnic structure of the population.

Dunovic pointed out that he said on behalf of the DF that the verdict on Bozo Ljubic's appeal had been implemented because the disputed article of the Election Law had been deleted by order of the BiH Constitutional Court.

“On the other hand, it one can’t be taken seriously when they say that the FBiH and BiH Constitution are not aligned in what the HDZ BiH considers disputable because we know very well that Borjana Kristo (HDZ BiH) initiated an appeal to evaluate that article of the Constitution of FBiH but she realized that there was no problem and withdrew the said appeal,” said Dunovic.

According to him, the next meeting in the building of the EU Delegation is scheduled for December 7, where all political parties should express their opinion on what was talked about today.

“I think the DF has made a very precise statement and I think we all need to be very aware of what is happening. The HDZ BiH offensive is taking place to arrange some things according to the wishes of one political party. At yesterday's meeting, Palmer spoke about what he called a “variable” political unit, which is the same as a virtual constituency, and which, in my opinion, is the same as the third entity. I said that it was absolutely unacceptable to us, that it represented the segregation of citizens according to the ethnic principle. He stated that a similar example in the United States is that not everyone has equal votes for electoral votes, which is not entirely true, but I said that regardless of that, those were regional constituencies in the United States and that in our country they would be based solely on ethnicity. That is something that is unacceptable,” Dunovic concluded.

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