Fmr Assembly Speaker: Russian invasion of Ukraine prevented Bosnia’s breakup

NEWS 11.05.2022 21:56

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was supposed to last only 48 hours and had Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeded, he would have probably transferred the tensions into Bosnia and the Balkans, Miro Lazovic, the Chair of the 1990 Parliamentary Forum and former Speaker of the Assembly of the former Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina told N1 Wednesday night.

“Remember when [Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad] Dodik said that the Constitution had fallen, the state had fallen before the invasion of Ukraine, and he [must have] had certain suggestions in which direction things would go. What he intended was prevented by Ukraine,” stated Lazovic.

The former Speaker also pointed out that Dodik was allegedly linked to Putin's plans and that all of Dodik's plans have now been permanently thwarted.

When it comes to the new geopolitical moment that is currently taking place, Lazovic pointed out that for him it means, among other things, the removal of rigid policies from BiH that prevent the country’s internal unification and that Serbia must decide not to “sit on two chairs”.

Lazovic especially referred to the possibility of Russia vetoing the European peace-keeping force – EUFOR's engagement in BiH, which would mean that NATO would come to BiH instead of EUFOR.

“[NATO] can completely cover the territory of BiH without the approval of one state, and if Russia blocks EUFOR, NATO will take over a certain role, which is an unfavourable variant for Russia,” said Lazovic.

When it comes to the current Russia threat and influence of the former Assembly Speaker believes it will be marginalized in time to come.

He also added that the alleged operation made in cooperation with Russia and China to prevent the international community’s High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt from speaking at the UN Security Council during a session regarding his report on the situation in the country had failed.

“Dodik lost all the battles on the international level in New York. Dodik is entering the finish line of political activity that has held BiH hostage for 10 years. In the past, Dodik played all the games he could and turned it into a storm that destroyed everything in front of him. In this past period, Russian influence has been incorporated into BiH in all spheres. The international community allowed this to happen with its passive attitude,” Lazovic said.

Speaking about High Representative Schmidt, Lazovic said he got the impression that Schmidt is a serious man who aims to strengthen BiH and eliminate those blocking that path. He said they talked twice and Lazovic reiterated his conviction that Schmidt knows what he wants.

Although Dodik says that Schmidt is a tourist in BiH, because he was not confirmed by the UN Security Council, which is not an obligation for a High Representative to receive, Lazovic said he believes Schmidt feels quite comfortable in his office, especially after the support he received at the UN Security Council.


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