Fmr intl envoy: With Biden as President things could only get better for Bosnia


With Joe Biden as the US President, things could only get better for Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to Christian Schwarz-Schilling, former international community's envoy in charge of overseeing the peace process in BiH.

Speaking to N1, the German diplomat who served as the High Representative in BiH from early 2006 to mid-2007, said the “constellation Biden-Berlin can only mean a plus for Bosnia”, considering the good relations that the two countries have always had.

“He (Biden) knows a lot about Bosnia and he led a strong campaign for BiH during the war,” Schwarz-Schilling stressed, adding that he is sure the new US President can make changes in BiH and, also, that there is no obstacle to his good cooperation with Berlin.

He quoted current High Representative to Bosnia Valentin Inzko who mentioned recently on several occasions a “triple” referring to Biden, Berlin and Brussels, adding that this is “a chance that has to be used” and that he would add the fourth B, meaning Bosnia.

Asked if the European Union should also blacklist Milorad Dodik, Bosnian Serb leader and currently the Chairman of BiH tripartite Presidency, as the US did, the former envoy said it should be done but that Dodik is not the only one.

“At the beginning of December, the EU adopted a new regime against all individuals even the institutions anywhere in the world who violate human rights. So, the EU now has a powerful tool in its hands because of which everyone, not only Dodik, must be very cautious. Otherwise, there will be no travel in the EU and accounts will be frozen,” explained Schwarz-Schilling.

As for expectations in 2021, he said one of the possibilities is a change at the helm of the Office of the High Representative (OHR). Other than that, BiH will see another pre-election year, which means more nationalist rhetoric, according to him.

“I personally wish that High Representative Inzko imposes a law against the genocide denial and glorification of war criminals. I wish Biden sends a special envoy to BiH and that the OHR enters the third phase. Before all that, I wish the vaccine against coronavirus are delivered to BiH as well and that the life comes to normal again,” he concluded.

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