Foreign minister Konakovic expects opening of EU accession talks

NEWS 30.08.202321:12 0 komentara

BiH Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has made the largest step towards the European Union on Wednesday with the adoption of five reform laws at the House of Peoples, adding that he has information the EU will open accession talks with BiH authorities.

“BiH Parliament's House of Peoples adopted today five laws that are very important on the path to the EU. The laws were previously adopted by BiH House of Representatives. This means the largest step towards the EU. We expect the report on BiH to record the big progress our country has made and that the EU leaders understand it is about time to open the negotiations, The information we have suggest that such decision will be made,” said Konakovic.

He stressed that this means new opportunities for citizens as well as higher salaries, new jobs.

“For young people it means an opportunity to build their future in their homeland. It is all worth every pressure, lies and attacks we have gone through,” said FM.

“If we lost votes, it does not matter. If we had left meetings, sessions, launched populist messages, there would not have been these laws,” he added.

The House of Peoples adopted five laws including those on wine market, foreigners, the freedom of access to information, and the human rights ombudsman. The law on the high Judicial and Prosecutorial Council was adopted in the first reading, and is expected to be adopted in the second reading as well on September 6.