Foreign Minister: Telekom Srbija entered BiH market and we didn't react on time

NEWS 25.08.202313:58 0 komentara

"Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic uses Telekom Srbija for two of his strategic goals: internal-political and external-regional," journalist Senad Avdic wrote in his column for Slobodna Bosnia. Bosnia’s Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic these claims adding that Vucic has a serious project through which public companies made a serious impact and penetration into regional markets, as well as political topics.

“He's doing it very well for himself and his own interest, and we didn't react adequately to that.”

“I believe that it is in BH Telecom's interest to have [Serbian] programs and Arena Sport channels because that content attracts people. But those TV stations that said that we were killing ourselves in Markale [outdoor market] also received large sums of money from BH Telecom. In those cases, it’s not only about the economy but also about the state,” he said.

He also commented on the fact that the program of N1 television is not in BH Telecom's offer.

“I was on the side of your TV company (N1) because I believe that this was also a political process. It also has an economic side, but I will do my best to change that political process so that it no longer has such an influence. There are television stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are proud of their patriotism more than others, so they sold their rights for Bosnia and Herzegovina to Telekom Srbija. Telekom Srbije is selling its rights to a TV company from BiH, which hasn’t invited me to their program ever since I left the Democratic Action Party (SDA). They say that such a thing is not abnormal because Telekom Srbija is good at it. But not to spoil it, there are television stations in BiH where Telekom Srbija sells the rights to that TV for the region of BiH. Now the director of that TV will tweet something about me,” Konakovic said.