Former General Manager of Bosnalijek gets 12 years in prison


The Sarajevo Cantonal Court delivered the first-instance verdict in the "Bosnalijek" case pronouncing all but one accused guilty, including the former General Manager, Edin Arslanagic, for money laundering and organized crime. Only Aida Selvic, was acquitted. The accused received collectively 39 years in prison.

Edin Arslanagic was sentenced to prison for 12 years, Sefik Handzic got 10 years, Hasan Sepo 10, Jasmin Sepo 7, while Aida Selvić was acquitted.

The Court also ordered all illegal benefits, worth over 23 million Bosnian marks (some €12 million), be confiscated.

The group was convicted of damaging Bosnalijek, the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity and the budget of Sarajevo Canton for around 23 million Bosnian marks.

This is only the first instance verdict so the accused will have the right to appeal.

Lawyer Senad Kreho, the defence attorney of the third and fifth accused Hasan Sepo and his son Jasmin Sepo, confirmed to Faktor news portal that the guilty verdicts had been handed down.

“I can confirm that my clients have been convicted,” said Kreho.

The indictment in this case states that, as employees of the pharmaceutical company Bosnalijek d.d. Sarajevo, and the company Brstanica d.o.o. Sarajevo and Carpe Diem Sarajevo the accused committed abuse of position and authority, money laundering, tax evasion and forgery of official documents, being members of an organized criminal group as well as the conclusion of harmful contracts, and in connection with the business arrangements of the company Bosnalijek and the mentioned companies.