German minister: Drawing new frontiers in Western Balkans ‘a dangerous path’

NEWS 16.04.2021 12:02
Source: AFP

The Western Balkan countries have a future only as multiethnic and multireligious societies, said German Minister for Europe Michael Roth, warning that “drawing of new frontiers is a dangerous path”.

“Regional reconciliation and cooperation are the keys for peace, democracy and prosperity. Drawing new frontiers is a dangerous path,” Roth wrote on his Twitter.

The message comes amid heated discussion on alleged unofficial documents that, according to some media outlets in the region, among other things mention Bosnia and Herzegovina and potential change of its borders. The media claimed that one of those non-paper documents, which outlines the plan for the future of the region, was recently sent to Brussels.

European Union's office in BiH dismissed such allegations and said it was “unequivocally committed to the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”



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