HDZ 1990 leader: Ruling coalition hides what they are discussing at private meetings

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"The coalition parties that make up the government at the BiH level hide from the public what they are really negotiating at the meetings and do all this in order to maintain tensions, given that the elections are in six months," the HDZ 1990 leader and delegate in the House of Peoples BiH Ilija Cvitanovic told N1 on Wednesday.

“When asked why he was never invited to the negotiations, he said the coalition “probably doesn’t want to expand ti those who represent the Croat people, except for Dragan Covic and HDZ BiH, wanting to maintain the exclusivity of representing Croats in BiH. But they are not doing well. Different processes are taking place on the ground. But I don't have a problem with that and I think it's good for me because I don't even belong there. Everything has been agreed in principle, but it’s impossible to reach an agreement regarding the key topics,” he told N1.

When asked whether Covic is afraid of him, Cvitanovic said he did not think so, but that he believes Covic wants to manage the processes at the state level by himself so that no other Croat would sit there.

“Everything was done so that HDZ 1990 and our partners don’t have representatives in the House of People. Fortunately, we got a seat in the state House of Peoples, and we had an extra hand. I'm not a politician who points his finger in one’s eye. When we vote on European laws, everyone who knows me knows that I will support it. I will support all laws that can contribute to a better life in BiH and the progress of BiH. But I will not support a budget that is passed under an emergency procedure that you can’t influence or act on with amendments,” he stated, adding that they have no information regarding what exactly is being negotiated during private meetings between coalition leaders.

“I'm afraid that the jurisdiction of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is being discussed, not only about the seat of the second-instance Court.”

One of the things he believes the coalition leaders are discussing is the distribution of money.

“You saw in yesterday's press what it looks like and how much it inspires distrust that an agreement will be reached. I believe that the EU will grant the status of negotiator, taking into account the geopolitical conditions, because Bosnia and Herzegovina is strategically important for the EU and the USA. Now, when you observe Russia, you see that there will be a continuation and it will not stop at Ukraine. That is why the EU should open negotiations. I think it could bring something good because it is being negotiated in the EU institutions,” Cvitanovic said, among other things.

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