Head of highest BiH judicial institution: Kajmakovic's integrity discussed


The president of Bosnia’s High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, Halil Lagumdzija, told N1 that Diana Kajmakovic, the State Prosecutor that was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department on Monday, was the subject of discussion in the Council.

“Before these sanctions, her integrity was called into question and it was discussed. The position of the sub-council is that no one will be nominated [Chief Prosecutor],” stated Lagumdzija.

Given that Kajmakovic is a candidate for State Chief Prosecutor, the entire process is now called into question.

“The Sub-council said that they are cancelling the competition, I can't tell you what the Council will do. We didn’t want to push any candidates into the final procedure before the Council. Our decision will be subject to review by the Council and we will make a report on why we made that decision. I don't know what the council will decide,” Lagumdzija told N1.

The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council is the highest judicial institution in the country which appoints and dismisses judges and prosecutors, as well as sanctions them accordingly.

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