High Representative: OHR ready to act against RS Medicines Agency

NEWS 04.07.202219:59 0 komentara
Christian Schmidt (N1)

The international community’s High Representative in BiH told N1 Monday he would wait for Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity to form its own Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices before he reacts.

Speaking to N1, he said he knows how to “open the drawer containing the Bonn power” with which he can impose laws, sanction politicians, dismiss them and annul laws contrary to Bosnia’s constitution and those questioning the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“I also know when to use those powers. Those who thought they would continue to behave as they are used to – are a little disappointed. It's true that I don't want to scare people, but I will make it very clear that the Dayton Peace Agreement is a red line for me. I hope they understand that I am ready to apply, although reluctantly, the Bonn powers,” Schmidt said.

When asked if indeed he would use the Bonn powers if the Agency is formed, Schmidt said that from 140 laws this entity said they would annul in December last year, that number has dropped to only a fraction of that.

“I think the Constitutional Court will decide on Wednesday whether the RS has the right to form its own Agency. When the Court decides, we’ll move to implement its decision,” the High Representative said.

If the Court does not decide by then, he said “we have a joint position of the EU and the Office of the High Representative (OHR) that it’s not good for such a law to be in force for long. So, we need to wait for what the Court decides, and then we’ll act. Rest assured that we will enable citizens to have access to medicines.”