‘Initiative for Srebrenica’ boycotting local election in this Bosnian town

NEWS 15.02.2021 16:13

Srebrenica Mayor candidate Alija Tabakovic told N1 on Monday that the Initiative for Srebrenica will boycott the elections in this Bosnian city.

The “My Address: Srebrenica” (Moja adresa: Srebrenica) Initiative said that they are dissatisfied that the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the state Court did not annul the mail-in ballots for Srebrenica local election.

Tabakovic said he would make the final decision in two days.

Bosnia's election watchdog previously decided to annul the election in Srebrenica and Doboj, which were held on November 15, 2020.

The watchdog decided to annul the election results for the Mayor and to annul the results from 28 polling stations (26 regular stations and two absentee polling stations from other constituencies – Zivinice and Gradacac) due to numerous irregularities.

The Central Election Commission President Zeljko Bakalar told N1 that the boycott of the election is a political issue and that the watchdog continues to prepare everything for the election process.

He confirmed that ‘My Address: Srebrenica’ candidates will certainly be on candidate lists because they have been certified as participants in the elections before.


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