Journalist: Story about weapons smuggled to BiH is part of Russia's propaganda

NEWS 13.06.2022 16:44

Russia is trying to “divide” the people of other countries with its propaganda and the “ridiculous” claims that western weapons intended for Ukraine have been smuggled to Bosnia is an example of this, Ukrainian journalist and analyst, Peter Zalmayev, told N1.

Zalmayev was commenting on the recent statement by the Spokesperson of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, who according to the Russian News Agency TASS said that western countries are not taking into account that shipments of weapons intended for Ukraine could lead to the expansion of the black market of weapons in Western Europe and alleged that some weapons from Ukraine have already been smuggled to BiH, Albania and Kosovo.


“This is part of their strategy,” Zalmayev said.

“They are trying to divide, they are trying to set people in one country against people in that same country. What they are claiming now, together with Lukashenko, is that Poland is trying to get a piece of western Ukraine,” he said, noting that Russian officials continue to promote the narrative of Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who said it is all “part of a western campaign against Eastern Orthodoxy” and Russia is there to protect it.

“They are constantly changing their rationale depending on the audience. And right now they are trying to get this ridiculous story out to the Balkans to try to ensure support from the nationalist Serbian politicians possibly, maybe to try to prevent them from a smooth transition to the European Union. They are still hoping that they can prevent that from happening,” he added.

Zalmayev said he does not believe “anything that comes from Maria Zakharova’s mouth” because it is all part of Russia’s propaganda.

Zalmayev also spoke about the situation in his country, saying that “no area in Ukraine remains fully safe” and that the most intense fighting is ongoing in the east of the country where the Russians are “hoping to encircle Ukrainian troops fighting to hold Severodonetsk and keep the Russians from overrunning the entirety of the Luhansk region.”

See the full interview in English in the video above.


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