KFC plans opening of its first restaurants in Bosnia this year

NEWS 27.05.2022 12:36

Sarajevo's first KFC restaurants, a popular American fast food restaurant chain, will open mid-summer, franchise owner for Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed in a statement to N1.

The fast food chain will also open a drive thru in the Bosnian capital, one of the largest in the region.

“There is a great interest and the knowledge about the brand prior to its entering of the market is at a high level,” according to Mehmed Pozderac, the TASTRA company general manager.

“This fact makes us happy and is encouraging us, and we eagerly expect to provide our customers with a gastronomic offer of this world brand through unique dishes, method of preparation and high standards of food protection,” he added.

The company plans to hire 80 people for the first year of its operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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