Komsic, Dzaferovic condemn Russian invasion of Ukraine, Dodik expresses concern

NEWS 22.02.202212:56 0 komentara
Komšić, Džaferović i Dodik (N1/F.Z.)

BiH Croat and Bosniak Presidency members, Zeljko Komsic and Sefik Dzaferovic have condemned on Tuesday Russia’s recognition of Ukrainian breakaway regions of Luhansk and Doneck as republics and the decision to send alleged peace-keeping troops into Ukraine by saying the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country are guaranteed by international law.

“The violent actions of some countries that want to achieve their aspirations for the territories of other countries by military force must be met with strong condemnation and response from the institutions of the UN and the civilized world. In that sense, I strongly condemn Russia's attack on the territory of Ukraine,” said the BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic.

Dzaferovic stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina respects and supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“I condemn the Russian Federation’s decision to recognize the two Ukrainian regions as states which is a blatant violation of international law,” Dzaferovic said.

The Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik expressed his concern over the events in eastern Ukraine, hoping that all sides would return to dialogue.

“We are unequivocally witnessing new geopolitical realities that stratify not only the political and security structure but inevitably bring aggravation and additional pressures in bilateral and multilateral relations,” Dodik said.

Dodik pointed out that he hopes for the reduction of tensions but also for the responsible attitude of the great powers towards the crisis in the relations between Russia and Ukraine, but also the crisis in BiH.

The member of the state Presidency emphasized that he expects help in reaching a peaceful solution in all situations.

“When it comes to BiH, we expect an even stronger pressure on the people and institutions of the Republika Srpska entity, but also that, with mutual respect for all and equal approach to all, a peaceful solution to the political crisis will be reached, which the Republika Srpska unreservedly strives for,” Dodik said.