Komsic slams Dodik for talks of secession and dissolution of BiH

NEWS 10.03.202117:12 0 komentara

Considering that Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik called on the BiH Republika Srpska (RS) entity Assembly, which made political decisions on the implementation of genocide, and that on the basis of those decisions political and military officials from the RS were convicted of genocide, Dodik's latest calls are just a continuation of the genocidal policy, said Bosnia’s Croat Presidency member Zeljko Komsic Wednesday following Dodik’s statements that the RS has the right to secede.

Addressing the RS parliament, Dodik said, among other things, that “we offer the concept of BiH envisaged by the Dayton Peace Agreement if there is a will, if not, we will consider initiating our right provided by the UN Charter on the Right to Self-Determination. This was announced by the RS years ago and we will not give up on it, so the arrival of a new High Representative must be in accordance with Annex 10 (of the Dayton Accords).”

Reacting to Dodik's statement, Komsic said that “this time it will not pass because all those who love the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina are stronger for one great generational experience, and genocidal policy does not have the means to implement it.”

“Moreover, in two days they would experience a complete debacle. If he wants to see the disappearance of the RS, let him try to implement what he says. Since I am sure that he does not want that, it would be better for Dodik to turn to solving citizens real problems,” Komsic concluded