Konakovic criticizes Vucic's response to U.S. Embassy and Dodik's call for his removal

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Elmedin Konakovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Minister and leader of NiP, commented to N1 on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's "response" to the U.S. Embassy in BiH, as well as Milorad Dodik's request for his removal.

“We have illuminated the processes on the political scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina with serious, realistic politics, completely unmasking Dodik, and in recent months, Vucic as well, who is becoming the foremost advocate of Russian interests in the Balkans, the biggest problem in the region. Today, his statements, where he does not respond but instead asks new questions, divert attention from what should be discussed fundamentally. Aside from the continuity of BiH’s heritage, a multi-century state that existed when many others did not, Vucic is crudely interfering in the internal affairs of BiH and showing his true face,” Konakovic said to N1.

He emphasized their readiness to discuss the future of the region and BiH with their neighbors.

“People in this country are finding it increasingly hard to live, bills are rising, wages do not keep pace with rising costs, and neither Dodik nor Vucic nor other populists in the region think about this. They divert attention with debates on historical facts they constantly want to change. We are ready because Europe, after a long time, is open, concrete, fair, and has put the Growth Plan on the table, possible integration of our market into the European one, which consequently means attracting investors, increasing wages and GDP. But people like Dodik, Vucic, and others, by engaging in populism, are stirring the waters that should be much calmer,” Konakovic told N1.

He reiterated their readiness to respond institutionally, citing Dodik as an example, noting his prosecution, isolation, and sanctions against him, his family members, and associates.

“He continues to plunge deeper into the black hole he finds himself in. Instead of sitting down to agree on the budget and bringing the Growth Plan to benefit people in RS. We are concerned with the entire BiH, and we conduct our policy accordingly,” Konakovic said.

Commenting on Dodik's calls for the dismissal of Lagumdzija, Becirovic, and himself, Konakovic laughed.

“I would love to know how he plans to dismiss Becirovic. That is a crucial question that reveals the state he is truly in. Dodik has not adapted to the realistic policy that the Troika has brought to the scene; he did not seize the opportunity to leave behind that populism and daily political mud in which he wants to live. Frankly, he had interlocutors before the Troika came who concealed what he truly is. He still has a small chance to get out of that black hole, sign some documents with us, adopt the law on the court, and continue with the growth plan. I see he suffers; that old love still exists. I heard there are some contacts between SNSD and SDA about some new reconfigurations of power. They really suit each other, and I see Dodik is truly unhappy with what the Troika has brought to the political scene,” Konakovic added.

Speaking about a possible government reshuffle, he said that “the key to this is in the hands of HDZ.”

He stated he would attend the meeting in Mostar.

“It is symbolic and significant that Dodik, after returning from Moscow, receives new orders; he has long ceased to be the master of his decisions. He confirms once again that the interests of the Russian people are more important to him than those of the Serbs in BiH, and I think he can expect to pay the price in RS if he continues to behave this way, already in the next elections,” Konakovic concluded.

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