Mladen Ivanic criticizes Srebrenica Genocide Resolution for deepening divisions in Bosnia

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Mladen Ivanić (N1)

Mladen Ivanic, former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska entity, stated that the resolution on the Srebrenica genocide has exacerbated divisions in the country.

“I cannot find any event or situation similar to the resolution that has divided people so profoundly. Some see it as a triumphant victory, while others feel it is a humiliation and a lack of basic respect for the victims of the Serbian people. This division will persist,” Ivanic assessed.

He added, “If genuine reconciliation was desired, much more openness and willingness to sit and discuss was needed. There wasn't a single conversation on this topic.”

Ivanic recounted how he managed to prevent Bakir Izetbegovic, his colleague in the state presidency, from initiating a lawsuit against Serbia, suggesting that the current Presidency member Zeljka Cvijanovic should have taken similar actions.

“She wouldn't have stopped Germany, but Bosnia and Herzegovina would have had a binding stance. Instead, nothing was done… This is a form of institutional abuse by the Bosniaks. I told the Bosniaks that once Komsic is no longer in the Presidency, Serb and Croat representatives will outvote the Bosniaks, initiating individual activities, not out of love, but because this type of politics has forced them into it,” Ivanic predicted.

Regarding the claim that Serbian representatives were unaware of the resolution's preparation, Ivanic explained that the Presidency should have met to provide an argument that there was no majority for the resolution.

“They didn't do that. Those handling international politics (the foreign minister, ambassadors) claim that no one prohibited them from presenting this on behalf of BiH. It was not possible before. I don’t believe the Serb representatives didn’t know what was happening because if they didn’t, they are fundamentally and politically illiterate, since this was discussed at least five or six months before the vote,” Ivanic noted.

He also pointed out that during the SNSD's tenure, no one from Republika Srpska has held a position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, either as a minister or deputy.

“This simply shows that Milorad Dodik is not interested in international politics, and normal communication is not his priority. For him, it is important to have an enemy, always some great power – America, Germany, and others. This way, he builds his personal authority. If they had pursued a rational policy, at least the deputy minister in one of their four mandates would have been a Serb,” Ivanic emphasized.

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