New desecration of the Mostar Partisan memorial

NEWS 07.01.2022 10:251 komentar

New offensive graffiti with swastikas appeared at the Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar Friday morning.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), Ljudevit Maric, told N1 that they have no new reports in the last seven days. He recalled that they had a similar incident last year on the eve of February 14.

The president of the Alliance of National Liberation War Veterans (SUBNOR BiH), Sead Djulic, pointed out for N1 that the perpetrators are known, and that it is an organized group of neo-fascists who present themselves as football fans.

“Everything that happens in Mostar when the anti-fascist legacy is in question and its desecration is can be addressed to Dragan Covic (the leader of the Croat Democratic Union – HDZ BiH), whose policy continuously incites such events. It is also the fault of the police, who continuously say: no one reported anything. We believe that this way of destroying a partisan monument is terrorism. It is known where those who do that come from, their premises are across the road from the Partisan Monument. It is an organized group of neo-fascists who present themselves as football fans,” Djulic told N1.

He added that it is very easy to investigate and sanction everything if only there was a will for such a thing.

Mirko Bozic, director of the Festival of Literature and Culture “Poligon”, also took to Facebook on the occasion of these events, saying that it was not the children's fault, but those who did not want to prevent such vandalism.

“It's not the children's fault. This happens when the narrative of anti-fascism is stolen by neo-fascists. I will paraphrase [a Dubrovnik poet Ivan] Gundulic: it’s neither snow, nor the swans, but home education. Fascism did not fall from the sky, people have been getting used to the idea that this is a normal way of thinking, slowly, for a long time and from a young age,” Bozic wrote, among other things.



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