New protests in Sarajevo set for 1 pm on Wednesday

NEWS 27.07.2022 08:38

A new round of protests will be held in front of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) building in Sarajevo today at 1 pm and the protests will be organized as a response to the announced decision of the High Representative of BiH, Christian Schmidt, to impose changes to the Election Law of BiH and the Constitution of the Federation of BiH entity.

These protests were initiated through a Facebook group called “50,000 citizens for protests against the authorities in BiH”. This Facebook group has previously organized protests in Sarajevo, but also in numerous other cities in the country.

“If you are in favor of a civic BiH without dividing into groups, come out tomorrow from 13:00 to 15:00 in front of the OHR,” the group wrote yesterday in a call to citizens.

Protests were organized in front of the OHR in the previous days as well. Many people boycotted these protests, because they were called for by political parties whose representatives came among the protesters. A few citizens even slept under the clear sky, expecting the High Representative to speak, but that did not happen.


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